Completed Drama #2


Since Viki finally fixed the last episodes I was able to finish Gong II (Palace II, Palace: The Locked Beaded Curtain or w/e).

And…… it was so bad. Honestly like up to episode 26 it was okay it kept me watching, but after that I was skipping through episodes because they weren’t good. The whole amnesia/hypnotizing thing with the Emperor was so ridiculous it felt like the writer just didn’t know what to do. Also, the last few episodes were random with everything that happened, like blah to the whole thing.

Tbh the way how random the last few episodes for this drama was reminded me of how random the last few episodes of Gong I was, and it makes me fear for Gong III since I have already watched the first 17 episodes of it. Hopefully it doesn’t start getting super sucky lol.